These attractions are a little further afield but are well worth the trip.


The Vogtsbauernhof is also a good day out for all ages. This living museum takes you through 400 years of Black Forest crafts and traditions. The forgotten crafts of days gone by are

bought back to life. A complete village, rebuilt with attention to detail.

Everything from clock making, charcoal making, log sawing and milling

plus much more. If you like the Iron Bridge Museums or The Black Country

Living museum you’ll love this.


To get an idea of how life used to be in the Black Forest you can also visit

the Farm Museum at Segerhof, the Heimat Museum or the

Schwarzwaldhaus 1902 Museum in Munstertal.

See how people lived and farmed over the last few hundred years and how the houses weren't just for the people but for their animals, all under one roof


Why not treat the family to a day in the Stuttgart area?


There is the Wilhelma Zoo for the animal lovers in the family ( one of the highest acclaimed Zoos in Europe with a good level of animal welfare and they invest a lot of time and money into conservation projects!)





Also in Stuttgart, there is the internationally acclaimed Mercedes Benz Museum.


The story of Europe and how the car has influenced the world !

Don‘t forget , you are staying in the area responsible for the invention of the car and the first filling station!



Another day out is Basel Zoo. You can easily reach this using public transport ( some of it free with our Guest Card). Basel also has some wonderful museums and art galleries.










For more ideas, take a look at TripAdvisor's map for the area....