The Nature Park of the South Black Forest is one of the largest nature parks in Germany and provides for one of the most beautiful settings in which to spend your holiday.


Located on the Westweg Path, Haus Erika is ideally located to provide a huge variety of walks to satisfy your wanderlust.


The Belchen will dominate your view as you approach Wieden from Freiburg  and the Rhine plane. It provides a panorama that is amongst the best in the area offering views of the Swiss Alps, the Alsacian Vosges, the Rhine Valley and the Feldberg. Christened 'Belenos' by the Celts it was held as a tremendously important local site with the Sun rising behind it at the autumn and spring equinoxes. More recently, it has been of importance the local economy with mining for silver.


On the right is a picture from the Belchen showing the recently added lift and the view towards the Alps, and then below towards Münstertal and the Rhine Plane.


 The Belchen provides 200km of trails of varying difficulties and themed hikes can take you through forest, Alpine pastures, wild herbs and beautiful flora and fauna. If you don't fancy the walk, but want to take in the marvellous views, a cable car takes you up to a restaurant near the summit.



If you enjoy a shorter, but no less beautiful walk, consider a stroll to Todtnauer Wasserfälle. This waterfall which drops 97m, around 300 ft, is considered 1 of the 10 most beautiful nature sites in Germany. Short walks climb up from Todtnau or there is a shorter walk from Aftersteg.


A circular walk from Wieden is an ideal day out. There are so many routes to take in, we hope you will want to return time & again. Walks to nearby Knöpflesbrunnen are less challenging but the delightful picturesque setting is incredibly relaxing, and the restaurant is a great place for 'Kaffee und Kuchen'.



Other suggestions are the nearby Schauinsland  which translates as 'Look at the land below'. Climb the steps of the tower and take in the views in all directions.


In addition to the tremendous views, there is also a memorial here to a group of English boy scouts, They were killed in a snow storm on the 17th April 1936. The memorial was designed by a famous German architect and to this day is cared for by people of the village below.




Below is the panorama from the top of the tower.






There is also  the Feldberg,  the highest peak in the Black Forest, pictured on the right.  This will provide with a satisfying challenge, most notably taking the route from Notschrei a little further up the road from the  Glasbläserhof. It offers some great views  of the Black Forest and if you don’t fancy the walk to the top, then take the easy route via a chairlift !


If none of these ideas are to your particular taste then our tourist information has plenty of other suggestions and walking maps available at very reasonable prices.


Walking isn't just for Spring, Summer & Autumn. Strap on some snow shoes and head off up the hills and through the forests and take in the views of this Winter Wonderland.


Take a look at the Winter page for some of the treats that await you !